Those enchanted by Salzburg know all about the
immense concentration of positive energy the area exudes.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Franz Schausberger Former State Governor
Honorary President of the ISA
“Salzburg is one of the most highly-esteemed regions in Europe and the world thanks to its cultural heritage, as a hub of artistic excellence, and for the marvellous natural surroundings on offer. In order to maintain this status, Salzburg requires the assistance of dedicated friends, promoters and benefactors from all over the world. The International Salzburg Association has brought together a large number of particularly eminent supporters to whom we owe an immense debt of gratitude.”

Dr.-Ing. Dieter Soltmann
“Since cultivated individuals thrive on contact with friends, appreciate contiguity with the worlds of art, business, science and politics, and exhibit immense generosity, they seek spiritual kinship, consonance and solidarity. For those who also harbour an amiable and unshakeable fondness for Salzburg, the ISA is an ideal alliance; a fascinating source of assistance, devotion and affection, with a strong affinity to Salzburg, its people and its culture.”

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche Senator, Consultant
“The ISA provides assistance and financial backing for social events, scientific projects and cultural activities. Above all the institution supports young artists and performers, thus creating a forum for Salzburg’s future.”


Dr. Helga Rabl-Stadler
President of the Salzburg Festival
“Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Max Reinhardt described Salzburg as the ‘heart of the heart of Europe’ and founded the famous music festival here. Our love of the beautiful city of Salzburg is the driving force behind the many wonderful activities organised by the ISA. As festival president I would like to thank you for these activities and for your excellent cooperation.”


Dr. Johannes Honsig-Erlenburg
President of the Mozarteum Foundation
“There has long been a particularly good relationship between the International Salzburg Association and the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation for a very good reason. The Mozarteum Foundation enjoys the privilege of managing and radiating Mozart’s legacy from within the city of Salzburg, and of offering its considerable Mozart expertise to assist the activities of the ISA. Members of the ISA are granted access to our extraordinary range of collected treasures, Mozart museums, the Mozarteum itself, and to our wealth of knowledge. We invite guests to enjoy music, particularly in Mozart Week, and gain friends, like the ISA – who provide magnificent support, and for which we wish to express our most sincere gratitude!”


Prof. Elisabeth Gutjahr
Principal of the Mozarteum University Salzburg
“Salzburg has a special magic all of its own; one that unceasingly touches and inspires immensely talented young musicians from all over the world to apply for one of the keenly sought-after places on courses at Mozarteum University Salzburg – at the summer academy or as participants in the famous International Mozart Competition. The regular support provided by the ISA enables dreams to come true here; for some a scholarship, for others a prize! It’s as if there’s a promise spread across the roofs of a city so blessed with beauty – where art is married with the spirit of Salzburg’s genius loci. Thank you ISA, and thanks to all those who keep this magic very much alive.”


Sabina Hank
Jazz musician & Composer
“Art is a daughter of freedom, and as this is one of my favourite quotes from Friedrich Schiller, it’s a bridge to the work of the International Salzburg Association. I was born in Salzburg, and music is a universal language I was immersed in from birth – so I am very aware of the immense energy of my own personal ‘Sound of Music City’, but above all I appreciate the people who play an active role in shaping and supporting cultural life here – and some do so from far beyond our geographical borders. For me, the ISA stands for the very best of internationalism, interculturality, modern patronage and networking. It is all done for a good cause, particularly for art and music, providing artists and musicians with space they need to express themselves – while also carrying Salzburg’s message as a magnificent city of culture out into the world.”

Fürstl. Kommerzialrat
Prof. DDr. Herbert Batliner († 8. Juni 2019)
ISA-Vicepresident (retired)
Prof. DDr. Herbert Batliner was one of the founding members of the ISA, its honorary president for many years, a lover of Salzburg and a generous benefactor. His support ensured numerous projects were launched and implemented.

Obituary by Wilfried Haslauer – Governor of Salzburg Province and ISA President