About the
International Salzburg Association

Governor and President of the International Salzburg Association

Since the middle of the 20th century Salzburg has developed into a meeting place of international calibre. People in commerce, culture and politics from all over the world have made highly important contributions towards establishing the city and region as a cosmopolitan centre of interest. The ISA was founded in 1982 by my father, Dr. Wilfried Haslauer, the State Governor of Salzburg at that time.

The association is a platform for admirers and promoters of the city of Salzburg from all over the world, who feel strong bonds with the region and who, as admirers of Salzburg, appreciate the cultural treasures the area has to offer.

Membership of this circle is very exclusive. ISA members cultivate an economic, political and cultural exchange of views as they meet up for informative events, attend speeches given by fascinating speakers and come together for numerous society functions.

Friendly contacts and a sense of community are of great importance to the association. ISA members are entitled to access Palais Küenburg-Langenhof at Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse 16 and use its prestigious rooms for meetings, events and various other functions. The Palais is very close to the festival hall. ISA members are very welcome to enjoy the special atmosphere of the building and to invite friends and business partners to the city of Salzburg. Similarly, we look forward to arousing interest in our fine city amongst your guests, too.


Dr. Wilfried Haslauer