Wen Salzburg einmal in seinen Bann gezogen hat, der weiß, welch positive Kraft hier gebündelt ist.

Dr. Franz Schausberger
Former State Governor
Honorary President of the ISA

„Salzburg is one of the most highly ranked regions in Europe and in the world thanks to its cultural heritage, the artistic excellence and the marvellous natural surroundings on offer. In order to maintain this status Salzburg requires the assistance of dedicated friends, promoters and sponsors all over the world. The International Salzburg Association has brought together a large number of particularly eminent supporters to whom we owe an immense debt of gratitude.

Dr.-Ing. Dieter Soltmann

„Since cultivated individuals thrive on contact with friends, since they commonly value contiguity with the worlds of art, business, science and politics, and exhibit immense generosity, they seek spiritual kinship, consonance and solidarity. For those who also harbour an amiable and unshakeable fondness for Salzburg the ISA is an ideal alliance; a fascinating source of assistance, devotion and affection, with a strong affinity to Salzburg, its people and its culture.“

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche
Senator, Consultant

“The ISA provides assistance and financial backing for social events, scientific projects and cultural activities. Above all the institution supports young artists and performers, thus creating a forum for Salzburg’s future.”

Dr. Helga Rabl-Stadler
President of the
Salzburg Festival

“Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Max Rein-hardt described Salzburg as the heart of the heart of Europe and founded the famous music festival here. Our love of the beautiful city of Salzburg is the driving force behind the many won-derful activities organised by the ISA. As festival president I would like to thank you for these activities and for your excellent cooperation.”

Prof. DDr. Herbert Batliner
Fürstl. Kommerzialrat
Senator Honorary President of the ISA

“The idea of establishing the ISA came from the Governor of Salzburg Dr. Wilfried Haslauer in 1982. Since its foundation I have had the honour of being the chief deputy of this institution of such great importance for Salzburg. Today the ISA is one of the pillars of society life in Salzburg. Our support of a wide range of cultural, economic, political, educational and scientific projects has earned us recognition well beyond the borders of Salzburg. May our efforts to work for the good of Salzburg be continued with success in the future.”