A Selection of ISA Support Projects

  • Sponsorship of talented students at the Mozarteum college, such as the early career of the now renowned Hagn Quartett, as well as singers who have since become world famous
  • Support for Salzburg’s young philharmonics. Picture features the woodwind quintet
  • The staging of competitions for composers
  • Johann Michael Haydn Museum – contribution to the realisation of the museum in St. Peter’s monastery
  • Salzburg Festival – funding of the Figaro door in the house for Mozart
  • Prize money for Mozart singing competition at the Mozarteum
  • Support for the restoration of a number of Faistauer frescos in Salzburg churches. Pic. Faistauer foyer – funded by ISA member Prof. DDr. Herbert Batliner
  • Franciscan monastery in Salzburg. Support for the reorganisation of the music archive (according to RISM criteria)
  • Support for the Salzburg Bach Choir